Local Farmers Markets

Nothing is better than food grown in your same state. Locally sourced food has great health and community benefits.


Grayslake Farmers Market

The Grayslake Farmers Market is a nonprofit organization that fosters a sense of community by operating a weekly three season outdoor shopping experience in the historic downtown Village Center that offers farm fresh and prepared foods, arts and crafts, music and children’s activities.


Libertyville Farmers Market

In 2022, we are celebrating our 42nd year in operation! The Libertyville Farmers Market will begin on Thursday, June 2. The market will be located in Cook Park and on West Church Street, and will be held every Thursday from 7 am to 1 pm through October 20. Farmers Markets give customers access to fresh, nutritious food with a very short supply chain. They support the local economy as well as the growers and producers.


Evanston Farmers Market

Make your Saturday morning destination the Downtown Evanston Outdoor  Farmers' Market. Support vendors, new and old, as they return for the 2022 market season. 


Chicago Uptown Farmers Market

The Uptown Farmers Market, produced by Chicago Market, connects you with the region's best farmed goods and locally produced foods.

Food is Life

Local Foods Are Fresher (and Tastes Better!)

We will always support local farmers markets and growers.