Who We Are

Waukegan Wellness aims to be a hub for all your questions. Health is not just one thing, we are here to connect you to the right people and places. Allow us to assist on your journey and make your health goals a reality.

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Mission Statement

Waukegan Wellness is a connector that empowers human beings and promotes health and wellness to the Greater Waukegan area.

Vision Statement

Waukegan Wellness is a connector that promotes awareness to health by partnering with businesses, organizations, and people to build a healthy and happy community. Waukegan Wellness defines health as a state of being in complete physical, mental, financial, and social wellbeing.




Waukegan Wellness defines Wellness as a state of being healthy in, not only in physical health, but also mentally, spiritually, and financially.

Our goals are your goals. Health is everyone's problem. We are here to help guide you to eating better, treating yourself better, and helping you find the resources you need to get there.

Waukegan Wellness Origin Story

Jarmel and Michael met back in 2018 at a vegan restaurant in Lake Bluff. After an hour of discussing the ills of our food systems they realized they had become fast friends. Over the next three years they each pursued their own fixes to the system. Michael started a non-profit that taught people how to grow their own food and help expand dozens of garden spaces. Jarmel, in the meantime, was introducing people to the benefits of a vegan diet while also sharing yoga with people all across the country. In 2021 Michael and Jarmel decided to join forces to create Waukegan Wellness. Waukegan Wellness incorporated the best of what they were working on, while also bringing in other Wellness Practitioners. It is put into a format that is inexpensive and accessible to all.

Waukegan Wellness is an evolving and growing revolutionary approach to taking control of your health. If you follow even a portion of what is taught in this site, you will gain a new confidence in your ability to control and steer your health journey. Most people today live a toxic lifestyle. And Waukegan Wellness is here to give you the tools to eliminate that toxicity and empower you beyond anything you’ve ever known. You will learn about growing food, sourcing food, how and what to cook, exercise you can do any where at any time, why and how to meditate, and much more. We will also introduce you to other wellness practitioners that understand the mind-body-spirit connection and how to harness that power. It will also give you the resources, as a hyper-local platform, to connect with local practitioners. As we grow, we will bring “Your City” Wellness to you. But even if you don’t live in the Waukegan area, we know that the information you’ll find will be life changing.

We do hope you join us on this journey to a better, healthier, more complete you.