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Waukegan Wellness


Who Are We?

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Healthy mind, healthy life.

Waukegan Wellness aims to aid all human beings, regardless of location, about health education. We define health as wellness and happiness. Free of ailments or stress. Wellness is more than not being sick, it's about being physically, spiritually, mentally, and financially well. 

Dietary Wellness

Waukegan Wellness has connections with farmers markets and chefs who cook great tasting clean foods. We can help you with preparing better meals and finding the right ingredients.

Spiritual Health

Being healthy is just about eating, it's about taking care of your mentality and making sure you have the right goals for your wellness journey. We are here to help guide you though yoga, mediation, and reiki sessions.

Financial Wellness

Finances can cause stress, but if you choose to become further educated and active about taking control of your finances, you will be in more control of your time and emotions. If you have financial goals, we can help with that too!

Mental Health

Waukegan Wellness understands that everyone is different, we want to help you take the first step in your journey. Health is not just one thing - you need support, and we're here to help you become a better, healthier person.


We believe you can heal and repair your body. Take care of yourself first.

Jarmel Reece

Our Partners


"We have partnered with local growers in your area to provide you the freshest local produce and products we can find. And if we can't find what you are looking for locally, we will work to find someone that will grow it. 


Our mission is to raise the nutrition content in the foods you eat by shortening the time it takes to get to your plate."


-Taste of Eden Market 


"The Eden Restoration Project is a simple concept: Grow More Food.
Through our programs we are challenging the current food distribution model. We install community free access food gardens. We teach how to easily grow food with little resources.


We are teaching how to harvest seeds and be creative in growing food."


- Eden's Restoration Project


"The Waukegan Park District is committed to providing parks, facilities and leisure opportunities to our culturally diverse population through leadership with community involvement, dedicated staff and sound management.

An innovative park district that creatively adapts to our evolving community and provides exceptional parks, recreation and cultural arts that benefit all."

-Waukegan Park District


Fresh, local veggies.

Waukegan Wellness supports local farms and markets. We support local farms and food providers. 
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Not sure where to start? That's what we're here for! Book an online consultation or request a call to be connected with one  of our health experts today.

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